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Hey!! You might have noticed I never posted…Well, here I am! Anyways, I am CandyGarrettt and I change my name often… I am a normal girl and I love to draw. I am a poptropica member so I will be posting stuff about my early acess! (Sorry for bad spelling… lol)  So please get used to this…erm…weird person such as me…. 🙂

Posted by: madhatter53 | August 18, 2010

Hi Bye

To many people are saying I copied from the poptropica help blog, even though I didn’t, I’m deleting this blog.

YAY! I’m keepin my blog!

Posted by: madhatter53 | August 15, 2010


Hey guys it’s MH. I’m looking for upgrades and the site will look better when I get everything I need. I will tell you one thing I will have,well no I won’t!

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I’m not a member so I dont really know much about SteamWorks. But I heard there is a surprise ending! All Non-Members will be able to find out the surprise on September 9th. Can’t wait wish it would come sooner!

Anyways,does anybody know what that blue thing is?

Posted by: madhatter53 | August 14, 2010

Dang,people are already beating it?

After the arrival of Steamworks, I thought it would be one of the hardest islands yet. I was right. Anyways, here’s the first ten people who finished the island.

1. Bronze Monster
2. Hyper Popper
3. Mighty Flame
4. Popular Jumper
5. Shy Fire
6. Cool Owl
7. Friendly Shell
8. Angry Dragon
9. Shiny Crown
10. Short Flame
Well that’s it. Meanwhile, who thinks we should remove Captaintofu?
Posted by: madhatter53 | August 13, 2010

New header

UPDATE:Ok We’re done! If you want, you can check out our new header and the DG Pops Page! It still needs a little work,so I have to go and work on it.

Hey everyone it’s MH. I’m working on a few things including a new page with post from the DG Pops. I first have to ask DG herself for permision. If you would like me to add anything else just ask!

Later homedogs, MH

Posted by: madhatter53 | August 13, 2010

Now Hireing

Well now that we have three blog members(but Captaintofu hasn’t posted yet) we will start hireing. Just post a link to your blog and maybe you can become an author. This contest ends when we get 500 hits.

Posted by: madhatter53 | August 12, 2010

Steamworks Is Out For Memebers!

Yay! Steamworks is out for members! But I’m not a member so I don’t really know why I’m excited. Anyways here’s a few pics of Steamworks.

Posted by: iDGpops | August 12, 2010


Hey whats up? I’m Dizzy Goose. I’m a new author here a madhatter53’s blog. I am also the lead singer of DG Pops, the Poptropica band.


Posted by: AW | August 7, 2010

See Ya

I am never asked to be here and will still visit but, Madhatter53, please take me off. This is my last post and goodbye

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