Posted by: madhatter53 | August 18, 2010

Hi Bye

To many people are saying I copied from the poptropica help blog, even though I didn’t, I’m deleting this blog.

YAY! I’m keepin my blog!



  1. Yes you did. I recognized the paragraph that i put in one of my posts. I recognized the pictures that Enclosed Lightning took. I recognized that passage that Green Boa put in his post. I also recognized the pictures that you stole from LS. -_- Stop lying MH, and just admit you did.

    MH:I copied off of the creators blog and trust me, I’m not the only one. Plus LS gave me permission.

  2. Hey ST can’t we all be friends? And to MH, i dont think u stole but meant well,but next time say somthing along the lines of ” courtesey of poptropica help blog for letting me say this” or somthing like that… 8)

  3. hey guys im the fashion desginer of mad hatters band so he said he would add me here but this says he’s deleting it sooo. im confused

    MH:I have decided not to delete it.

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