Posted by: madhatter53 | August 14, 2010

Dang,people are already beating it?

After the arrival of Steamworks, I thought it would be one of the hardest islands yet. I was right. Anyways, here’s the first ten people who finished the island.

1. Bronze Monster
2. Hyper Popper
3. Mighty Flame
4. Popular Jumper
5. Shy Fire
6. Cool Owl
7. Friendly Shell
8. Angry Dragon
9. Shiny Crown
10. Short Flame
Well that’s it. Meanwhile, who thinks we should remove Captaintofu?


  1. Why do you want to remove Captaintofu?

    MH: He hasn’t made any post,plus he hasn’t checked his blog in over a month.

  2. Hmm?

  3. Why did you add me to this blog?

    • I did’t know that I did,but will you be on it?

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