Posted by: madhatter53 | July 27, 2010

Weird things…

Have you noticed anything weird on the fabulous Poptropica?

Greg Heffely doesn’t open his mouth when he talks to you! XD

Every post by the Creators is found moments later on the PHB

Have you seen that blue thingy on the pictures of Steamworks Island?

Got any more? Post them in comment below



  1. Its not our fault we dont see the posts right away. and you know, you should no copy from the PHB. Do you know what its called when you copy someone elses work. Plagiarism. You copied from my posts and Green Boa’s posts w/o our permission. Stop. Now.

    • First off I know you don’t see them right away I was just saying it was weird. And I didn’t steal the post from you I copied them of th creators blog which people copy off of every day. Anyways, can you be part of my blog?

  2. Looks like he didn’t join ur blog but he’s part of my blog the poptropica project if u want me to give him a message or something….

  3. And how exactly did u guys copy their posts ?

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