Posted by: madhatter53 | July 14, 2010

Pop Gum Party!!!

Remember a while back when the creators put “popgum” in the store? They had many flavors:

Winter Blast makes lots of snowflakes!  Price:250 credits

Cinnamon Fire makes flames in yo mouth!  Price is also 250 credits

And the free origanal gum that doesn’t make anything but bubbles  🙂   😦

It was a warm day and the creators decided to party with gum.   😆

But I think you can clearly see things got out of control:

Anyone notice the surfer from Mythology Island? He could be a new creator.   For more info on that go to

Let’s get out of here before one of the creators throws gum at us!

The creators are  👿   sometimes!  Just kidding.

Also I have a new author contest! If you want to enter you have to have:

1. Access to a computer

2.A wordpress account

3.Devotion to poptropica. You most post whenever you find out anything new about poptropica!


1.Write in a comment a cool outfit that everyone would buy on the poptropica store.

I will pick my favorite one on August 10th

Madhatter53 out!



  1. awesome! them creators are goin crazy!

  2. i got both of pieces of gum!

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